Body image

It’s a shame that as human beings we are mainly focused on sex. Being sexy and attractive seems to be the main focus of our generation especially with social media as an outlet. I have no problem with men and women embracing their sexuality and showing it on whatever platform that maybe. However people like the kardashians, Amber rose and Blac China make me wish it was more popular to showcase intellect and creativity ¬†other than being sexy. That being said I think it is about time that women took control of their sexuality Instead of certain men using it to prove their masculinity. The bigger picture is that the reason that women feel sexy with their breasts and bums on display is because men find those particular parts sexy. It doesn’t mean that men can comment , look, touch or own those parts but as a realistic view,that is the truth. Breasts are lumps of fat on your chest that when pregnant formulate milk so you’re able to feed your child. Bums are to sit on. I know this isn’t news to you ,but for people like me who haven’t got much of either or to people out there who aren’t happy with those body parts, you should keep that in mind. To feel less about yourself because you haven’t got the perfect body part that the opposite sex desires (including men) is crazy. When I was in highschool I prayed I would have bigger boobs , I didn’t really know why but having small boobs just didn’t seem acceptable. Now it’s all about asses and people squatting until they faint. Like I said previously I have no problem with people embracing their bodies or changing them for the better (not including plasic surgery) if you want to work out and have a body you’re happy with then fantastic. However fake boobs have been popular for decades and ass implants are on the increase and it just makes me think,are we that obsessed with looking sexy? Do we have to look sexy to be happy? If we aren’t desirable to the opposite or same sex are we worth less? People are paying thousands to be deemed attractive and I find it quite sad. Health and fitness however is a different subject,squatting and going to the gym is great. Eating healthy to maitain a good body weight is great. Not caring about your body weight is also great. People are obsessed with commenting on bigger people. They’e so quick to judge. Just because someone looks bigger doesn’t mean they don’t eat healthy or exercise and even if they don’t it’s none of your business. I have a very fast matabelism,I eat shit all day and i dont gain a pound ,a bigger person could eat healthy all week but if they eat one biscuit they gain a stone. I’m not niave though there are people out there who are big and need encouragement to be a healthier weight and glorifying obesity however kind it may be is not going to help. People can be happy,pretty,sexy and fat but at the end of the day it’s not healthy. You don’t have to be slim to be healthy though! I’d like to add aswell that men are also pressured to look a certain way such as ; muscley , tall and a big penis. Just like women , men can’t and shouldn’t live up to these expectations. A lot of men find It hard to put on muscle and as for the last two that is something they just can’t control. I know nothing will change and we will continue to obsess over sex and being desirable but it’s just refreshing sometimes to stop and think how it really doesnt matter were all just skeletons with flesh and we should use our brains to think about something other than body image.



I’m a white girl from a white family in Manchester, not quite a typical mancuniun family but close enough. I grew up with a racist dad and a judgmental mum. My dad would make racist comments at home,my mum wouldn’t but she has her own opinions that are just old fashioned and stereotypical. I remember being very young and saying to my mum on the bus “why do foreigners live over here shouldn’t they go back to their country like dad said” to which my mum replied “we’ll discuss it at home”. I can’t remember wether we did or not because I was probably about 7 or 8. I also remember our house was for sale and an Asian family drove outside to look at it and my sister was running round the house saying are “pakis” going to move in. My mum would tell her off for saying that word. My dad was kicked out when I was about 10 and luckily I went to a highschool mixed with different races so I grew up thinking people were people wherever they came from. If they were a twat that’s because they were a twat,nothing to do with their race. I’ve only had 2 boyfriends in my time and they were both Arabic. My first boyfriend really didn’t help the stereotype,he was disrespectful to women (or maybe just me) and arrogant. That was just him though,a twat. I could never meet any of his family because it would be shameful to bring home a white girl. Part of me understood that though, Im not part of their culture or religion and I havent learnt the same values .My current boyfriend is half white half Arabic, he didn’t have a solid upbringing so it’s not like he was influenced by any culture he is very religious though. I love learning about Islam from him and he never pushes it on me he just likes to talk about it and I like to listen. My dad called me “rebellious” for my choice of men. I don’t really have to explain why that’s just annoying and rude. Like I’m with my boyfriend because it’s some sort of taboo ,I don’t think so. Bearing in mind my dad thought he was black for a part of his youth. Oh and also I remember being at a bus stop with my nanna and her friend and I said I fancied Usain Bolt and my nanna said “sh” and another woman leaned over and said “we don’t get them where I’m from, in Devon” . When we were on the bus I remember my nanna and her friend saying how it is “their country”. This is just blurred parts on my childhood that I think back on and wonder what person I would be if I actually listened to that shite. I have a racist uncle and sister aswell who talks about how my boyfriend eats curries..which he does and so do we. They aren’t KKK members , they would be nice to anyone face to face. They’re just racist bastards. I think they fail to realise that it offends me not only because my boyfriend is Arabic Muslim but because I have friends of different races and I’m simply offended my racism. I do honestly wish I could do more to prevent racism because I know the anger and exhaustion of defending other races would be 100 times harder if it was my own race.

Donald trump

I wanted to talk briefly about Donald trump. I’m from Manchester in England so I don’t have to put up with him nor do I know anything about politics. All I can say for certainty is that the majority of people who voted for him are racist. I rememer talking about this in my staff room at work and a woman I work with said I like his idea for single parents to earn above minimum wage or something like that. A man I work with who is a typical mancuniun muttered “we need to build a wall” and I told him to stop talking shit. This is the only conversation I’ve had about Donald trump to people I don’t really know. People seem to miss the point that the reason he was elected president is because he said he would get rid of immigrants and build a wall to stop Mexicans coming into America. This is a country of immigrants who are saying this. This is a bunch of Europeans who “found” America, killed the native Americans and claimed the land theirs. This is a country of racists who don’t like black people in America yet they brought them to America to be used as slaves.People like to say it was so long ago, there are black people still alive today who would’e been segregated from white people. It’s disgusting. A Muslim teacher from Wales (im not sure of his ethnicity) was going on a trip to America with his students and was denied access into the country because he was from Asia. They say it’s because of ISIS, I heard about ISIS being a part of the FBI as was Osama Bin Laden. I don’ know much about these conspiracies so I won’t go into further detail but as it is obvious George Bush was behind 9/11, I find it easy to believe Hillary Clinton is behind ISIS. As regular civilians we wouldn’t have this information handed to us and people think if it’s not on the news it’s not happening. Even then people only see what they want to see on the news,ISIS bomb and attack Muslim countries and mosques but apparently all Muslims are a part of ISIS. As I said before I’m from Manchester and the Manchester arena was bombed a few months ago ,it was awful and everyone came together to pay their respects. I couldn’t help but think where is the uproar when this is happening in Syria or other parts of Asia and Africa. People are being slaughtered in the hundreds and thousands yet the world stops when it happens to England , France or Spain. However I don’t want to be disrespectful because every attack is a tragedy.

That is my opinion on Donald trump anyway,plain and simple. I could’ve said worse but I don’t want to spend that much time talking about him.

Thanks for reading ,comments are welcome x


Id like to start by saying I don’t think I know everything, matter of fact I think I know very little when it comes to things people seem to find important. I’m not ignorant though, I see the world and people through a realists eyes. People may think I’m a pessimist but that’s only because the world is actually quite depressing. With racism, sexism and many other isms id just like to shed light in a very simple way on this generation as a 20 year old and put it into perspective

I have no idea wether I will help anyone , open anyone’s minds or even relate to anyone , im here just to share some thoughts. I’m not going to get deep on my first post because I could be here for hours so I’ll start with something I find quite easy to discuss. Humans have an obsession with looks. If you stop for a second and think about your face. You have eyes for seeing,a nose for breathing,a mouth for eating and ears for listening. Somewhere along the line we have decided that big noses aren’t deemed attractive, having thin lips or big lips is unacceptable and having big ears is laughable. I could get into racism here but as I said I dont want to get deep so I’ll save that topic for next time. Your face is your face why is it hard for people to accept. You look the way you look because you’e a mix of your mum and dad and that’s it. No one can call you ugly because what is ugly. There is no such thing as ugly and beautiful. However there is such thing as attractive and unattractive. There is no one in this world who is attractive to everyone and there’s no one in this world who is unattractive to everyone. If someone doesn’t find your face appealing ,that’s just life. It doesn’t mean your ugly because as they say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I’m not exactly a feminist but I didn’t really want to use that term but I needed an example , the opposite sex shouldn’ determine how you value yourself. If you value yourself off looks alone though ,that’s a shame. Once you realise that being ‘pretty’ or ‘beautiful’ isnt perminent you can fully value yourself. I’ll use myself as an example ,I know what I look like,I have a massive spot on my chin right now and I’m pale as hell but I never ever look in the mirror and call myself ugly because I’m not, and neither are you. You might step outside and someone walking past you might think your unattractive but you’e just going to have to come to terms with that because like I said , that’s life. We all have insecurities and it’ shit when someone points them out . If someone commented on how pale I was in an insulting way I bet you any money there is something they don’ like about themselves and if I pointed it out they would feel the exact same way. It just doesn’ need to be said ,people feed off other people’s insecurities because they are insecure about themselves. Don’t surround yourself with people like that!

Thanks for reading x